On Sunday, September 18, the East Side’s new “street art destination,” Black Cat Alley, celebrated its grand opening. The two-block alley, located between Kenilworth Blvd. and Ivanhoe Place between the Oriental Theater and the Prospect Colectivo, is home to a host of murals created by a group of jury-selected international, national, and local artists and students. Above the alley, on the south-facing wall of the Oriental, is a self-portrait by European artist MTO entitled “A French Man In Milwaukee.” You know, that big frog thing.

Here’s a look inside the rest of Black Cat Alley. (More info on the artist can be found here.)

blackcat6 blackcat5 blackcat4 blackcat7 blackcat8 blackcat9 blackcat10 blackcat11 blackcat12 blackcat13 blackcat14 blackcat15 blackcat16 blackcat2 blackcat3 blackcat17blackcatmto