Tonight is the night! This evening, historic Turner Hall Ballroom will play host to Milwaukee Record‘s third annual Local Coverage benefit concert. Over the course of the event’s short history, the show has grown into a larger venue with more acts taking their material to increasingly interesting places. We’ve written about the our favorite show of the year before, but in the instance you’re still in the dark about it, here’s everything you need to know about Local Coverage 2017.

What is it?
Way back in October, 10 Milwaukee bands, rappers, and singer-songwriters met at Company Brewing and drafted another project from the pool of performers. In the approximately 100 days that followed, each project was tasked with assembling a 15-minute set to play “as” the band they drafted. Does the show’s concept sound complicated? It’s not. In short, a bunch of local bands and rappers are covering a bunch of other local bands and rappers at an event that raises money for two deserving local charities.

Who’s playing?
We’ve tried to touch more than a few corners of Milwaukee music, and this year could be the widest-ranging and the most wonderfully weirdest assemblage of artists yet. There’s a folk-Americana band covering a rapper, a country outfit re-imagining the music of an alternative rock act, and a punk band taking on the that aforementioned county band’s material. That’s just a taste. Here the lineup and links.

D’Amato playing The Pukes
Lorde Fredd33 playing Midwest Death Rattle
Buffalo Gospel playing Midnight Reruns
Marielle Allschwang playing Lorde Fredd33
Midwest Death Rattle playing D’Amato
Abby Jeanne playing Devil Met Contention
Midnight Reruns playing Marielle Allschwang
The Pukes playing Buffalo Gospel
Vincent VanGreat playing Abby Jeanne
Devil Met Contention playing Vincent VanGreat

Who does it benefit?
This year’s beneficiaries are COA Youth & Family Centers (specifically the teen program at the Holton Center) and Girls Rock Milwaukee. The latter is a rock and roll camp that aims to empower young women to explore music and other artistic endeavors in a supportive, collaborative, and fun group setting. And Lorde Fredd33 does a great job explaining what COA is and why is important.

Are there any more reasons I should go?
If an ambitious local benefit with performances you’ll never be able to see again isn’t enough to convince you, maybe the possibility of winning a bunch of free stuff will get you to Turner. Loads of local businesses have given us gift cards and other items to raffle off. Just some of them include: Lake Express High Speed Ferry, 88Nine Radio Milwaukee, WMSE, Vander Mill cider, Company Brewing, Mojofuco Restaurant Group, Lowlands Group, Float Milwaukee, South Milwaukee PAC, and many, many more. There’s thousands of dollars worth of prizes. Raffles will take places between every act. Tickets can be purchased at the rear of the ballroom, with all proceeds going to the beneficiaries.

How can I help if I can’t go to the show?
If you’re disappointed you can’t make it, but you’d still like to help, you can always cut out the middle man—since we’re giving away all proceeds anyway—and donate directly to the charity to one or both charities. Visit the sites for COA Youth & Family Centers and Girls Rock Milwaukee for more details. Or you can pay whatever you want to download the first two Local Coverage concerts, and we’ll make sure the money gets to them.

Can I afford to miss Local Coverage 2017?

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