Last Friday, Doughboys finally announced the guest who would be joining them on stage when the popular chain restaurant podcast comes to Milwaukee’s own Turner Hall for its long-awaited live show on Thursday, January 16. With that revelation now out there (it’s Carl Tart, by the way!), there’s only one more question left: where will they be eating? Well, you don’t have to wonder any longer.

After soliciting input from fans on social media recently, Doughboys received a ton of suggestions. Though people passionately campaigned for Nick Wiger, Mike “The Spoonman” Mitchell, and Tart to cover Wisconsin-based standards like Rocky Rococo and George Webb, and a few people gave recommendations for places that aren’t even chain restaurants—Solly’s? Come on, people!—the ‘Boys ultimately decided to visit a place that listeners have been begging them to cover since the podcast’s beginning. That’s right! They’re going to Culver’s.

The thriving burger chain opened its first location in Sauk City, Wisconsin in 1984. Since then, they’ve expanded to more than 700 locations in 25 states. Though they’ve grown immensely in their 35-plus years in business, the bastion of butter burgers and king of custard continues to have its headquarters in the small Wisconsin city of Prairie du Sac.

Will Wiger (who’s famously known to hate French fries) be won over by Culver’s crispy crinkle cut fries? Is Mitch—who’s sure to be checking the score of the Bucks-Celtics game happening down the street from Turner Hall throughout the show—going to talk about what the rich custard did to his insides? Will the term “Creamsmen” be said a number of times? You can find out the answers to those questions and probably hear a fair amount of “hog talk” at Turner Hall this Thursday. Wow.

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