Though you probably know Kyle Kinane as a comedian, actor, and “the voice of Comedy Central,” the prolific stand-up first took the stage in a musical capacity. That’s right! Before earning a reputation as one of the funniest comedians working today, Kinane was the guitarist for an Addison, Illinois-based pop-punk band called The Grand Marquis. Even though the band hasn’t played since the early 2000s, Kinane—a proud punk rock aficionado to this day—still looks back fondly on his stint in the band.

Last week, during a run of shows at Comedy On State, Kinane met up with host Tyler Maas to discuss his path to music. He talked about what it was like seeing Screeching Weasel for the first time in his early teens, his decision to pick up a guitar, when he realized comedy was a better artistic pursuit for him, and what it was like to tour with The Falcon and Arms Aloft. Thankfully, the conversation also took tons of hilarious tangents along the way. Plus, Tyler tried (and absolutely failed) to make a joke about jam bands.

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