The month of March is upon us, so you know what that means. It’s bracket time here at Milwaukee Record! Past March brackets have featured Wisconsin-based snacks and Wisconsin cities competing to be the best in their field. This time around, we’re focusing our bracket bandwidth on The Promise Ring. Yes, throughout the month, “March Sadness: The Promise Ring Song Bracket” will be pitting (almost) every song the seminal Milwaukee emo band has ever released against one another in an effort to determine The Promise Ring’s best song of all-time.

The songs have been separated into the following album-based regions: 30 Degrees Everywhere, Nothing Feels Good, Very Emergency, and Wood/Water. Each region also features standalone songs released by The Promise Ring and material from EPs or compilations. (Seeding was determined by the number of Spotify streams each song had when this bracket was created.)

Round 1 started March 4 and runs through March 10. Subsequent rounds will take place March 11-17, March 18-21, March 22-25, March 26-28, and the winner will be determined after a final round that runs March 29-30. Vote early and vote as many times as you’d like. Round 1 of “March Sadness: The Promise Ring Song Bracket” (and a JPG of the bracket itself) can be found below!


A Picture Postcard vs. Easy

Everywhere In Denver vs. You Are So Unreal

Red Paint vs. Gouge Away (Pixies)

Heart Of A Broken Story vs. Run Down The Waterfall

E. Texas Ave. vs. We Don't Like Romance

Scenes From France vs. The Sea Of Cortez

Anne You Will Sing vs. My Firetower Flame

Somebody's Done For vs. Between Pacific Coasts


Red & Blue Jeans vs. American Girl V.01

Is This Thing On? vs. Strictly Television

Why Did Ever We Meet vs. Electric Pink

Nothing Feels Good vs. Make Me A Mixtape

Perfect Lines vs. Raspberry Rush

Make Me A Chevy vs. A Broken Tenor

Forget Me vs. How Nothing Feels

B Is For Bethlehem vs. Pink Chimneys


Happiness Is All The Rage vs. Miette

Emergency! Emergency! vs. I Never Trusted The Russians

The Deep South vs. Saturday

Skips A Beat (Over You) vs. Scenes From Parisian Life

Jersey Shore vs. Mineral Point

Things Just Getting Good vs. Watertown Plank

Happy Hour vs. Living Around

Arms And Danger vs. All Of My Everythings


Size Of Your Life vs. Holiday Adam

Become One Anything One Time vs. American Girl V.02

Stop Playing Guitar vs. Feed The Night

Wake Up April vs. Letters To The Far Reaches

Best Looking Boys vs. Bread & Coffee

Tell Everyone We're Dead vs. Half Year Sun

Suffer Never vs. Say Goodbye Good

Get On The Floor vs. My Life Is At Home

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