Following more than a month of Wisconsin Snack Bracket competition, we finally have a winner. And that winning brand is…Spats Sauce!

The creamy horseradish condiment that’s relatively unknown to customers outside the Fox Cities pushed the bracket hard on social media, got some significant support from loyal customers, and edged out another 8-seed in Lush Popcorn to take the first (and only) Wisconsin Snack Bracket title.

Over the course of this tasty tournament, we had more than 200,000 total votes in five total rounds. There were some fun rivalries that companies played up on social media, there was growing awareness for great brands from all over the state, and there was enough traffic to severely disrupt our website a few times over the last two weeks. Sorry about that last one, readers!

Congrats to Spats Sauce for taking the title. And congratulations to Lush Popcorn for its impressive performance as well. Thanks to all who voted, shared the bracket, and took an interest in this bit of locally focused late-winter randomness. Though we won’t delve into the snack realm again, you can expect another Wisconsin-themed bracket from us sometime in 2022.

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