From April 22 through April 29, the 8th annual Milwaukee Beer Week will bring about a ton of exciting events like tap takeovers, beer brunches, rare brew raffles, and interesting collaborations between breweries and restaurants. But really, it’s just another week in Milwaukee. The “Brew City” nickname has arguably never been more accurate, as the number of craft breweries and brewpubs have more than doubled in the last three years, the quality of Milwaukee beer has improved markedly, and area businesses seem devoted to highlighting locally made beers. Hell, even Miller Park wants to draw attention to Milwaukee craft breweries.

Milwaukee Beer Week gave host Tyler Maas a reason to meet up with some local brewers to discuss the growth and development of Milwaukee brewing, whether there’s a craft beer bubble, and if so, whether it’s close to bursting. He went to Enlightened Brewing Company (one of the city’s smallest breweries) to meet up with owners/brewers Tommy Vandervort and James Larson and Evan Koepnick, a brewer from Wisconsin microbrewery magnate Lakefront Brewery. Together, they shared some thoughts, laughs, and delicious Milwaukee beer over the course of an informative hour-long conversation.

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