Remember bowling alleys? Man, bowling was great!

Obviously, we’re not able to go bowling right now (which is unfortunate-yet-completely understandable), but that doesn’t mean we can’t use some of our spare time to distract ourselves with some bowling-related entertainment.

Last week, Milwaukee author and historian Adam Levin—who has operated the Old Milwaukee Facebook group since 2015—started a new Facebook group that aims to capture and chronicle “the rich past of a dynamic sport” with vintage images, aged advertisements, old videos, and lively conversation that’s all centered on one great topic: Old Wisconsin Bowling Alleys.

Since launching April 18, the Old Wisconsin Bowling Alleys page has already grown to close to 600 members and has hosted a treasure trove of pictures of bygone bowling centers and shots of area alleys that remain untouched by time. There are stills from The Bowling Game and Bowling For Dollars. Some members have shared pictures of loved ones rolling a few frames at old bowling haunts. We spent part of our morning watching a 2008 interview with late, great Marcy Skowronski of Holler House.

Though the page is less than a week old, it’s already turned into an excellent archive of the Wisconsin’s rich bowling history. If you’re looking for a distraction from the doom, gloom, and uncertainty of the modern day, strike down boredom and spend a little time in Old Wisconsin Bowling Alleys.

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