Have you seen Jury Duty yet? If you haven’t watched the hybrid documentary series/reality show about a real guy who unknowingly finds himself on a fake jury in a courtroom full of actors, you should probably change that soon…for a few reasons. Most importantly, the Freevee—a free ad-supported streaming service owned by Amazon—program is hilarious, heartwarming, innovative, and it just might help restore your faith in humanity. It’s honestly very good!

Another reason people, especially people in Wisconsin, might enjoy Jury Duty is the presence of a character with a very familiar name. Fans of things like Milwaukee music, sex, and beer will be delighted to see a fictional juror named Pat McCurdy on the show.

This Pat McCurdy is not a veteran Midwestern musician by trade. Rather, he’s a commercial driving instructor who’s played by accomplished character actor Kirk Fox. You might know Fox from his recurring roles as “Sewage Joe” on Parks And Recreation, “Kenny Boy” on Reservation Dogs, or as the host of the syndicated daytime talk show The Test. He was also briefly married to Clint Eastwood’s daughter, Alison. Other than James Marsden, who portrays himself on the series, Fox is Jury Duty‘s most recognizable cast member.

Perhaps it’s just a random coincidence that this fake juror has the same exact name as the ex-Yipes! singer and perennial Summerfest staple, but we have our doubts. You see, Jury Duty director Jake Szymanski is a Milwaukee native. He even directed those Old Milwaukee Beer television spots starring Will Ferrell that went viral and won some industry awards.

While we’re not necessarily saying this Pat McCurdy has anything to do with Milwaukee’s Pat McCurdy, just don’t be surprised if Jury Duty gets a second season and there winds up being a character named John Gurda or something. As we wait to see if that happens, we encourage you to check out Jury Duty now because it rules. Seriously, it’s almost as awesome as the theme song McCurdy recorded for the National Bobblehead Hall Of Fame And Museum. [h/t – Rick]

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