Last month, pop-minded post-punk trio Heavy Hand released a trippy video for “David Bowie Wants To Steal Your Baby,” the first single from its excellent new LP, Northwoods Knives. The video featured various body parts of the three band members superimposed over one another for a one-minute shot of wigged-out goodness; what it did not feature, sadly, was those same band members taking a trip to the zoo while donning vaguely disturbing animal masks. Happily, all that changes in the clip for “Motherfucking Bobcat,” a perfectly giddy and ridiculous video for a perfectly giddy and ridiculous song. (Sample lyric: “MOTHERFUCKING BOBCAT!”)

Filmed at the Racine Zoo, the “Motherfucking Bobcat” video finds bassist Isa Carini, singer-guitarist Anthony Weber, and drummer Chris Roberts wearing oversized animal masks (rabbit, mouse, and gorilla, respectively) while checking out some giraffes, petting some goats, and playing on some swings. Oh, and because animals are dirty, dirty creatures—little more than walking, braying vessels for disease, really—Heavy Hand makes sure to take advantage of the zoo’s complimentary hand sanitizers. Smart move.

Also, it’s worth noting that no motherfucking bobcats appear in the animal-themed video for “Motherfucking Bobcat.” Northwoods Knives will be released Tuesday, August 26 on Latest Flame Records. The band’s next show is Saturday, August 23 at the Cactus Club.

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