There was a time when music videos blurred the line between video and short film—think of all those ridiculous videos from Michael Jackson’s Dangerous—though there’s something to be said for videos that get in and get out, no questions asked. The new clip for Heavy Hand’s “David Bowie Wants To Steal Your Baby” is an example of one of those no-muss-no-fuss video, thanks to the song’s sub-one-minute runtime. And who doesn’t have an extra minute to spend watching something on the Internet?

The song comes from the pop-minded noise outfit’s upcoming album, Northwoods Knives, which sees its official release August 26 on Latest Flame Records, but can be purchased on CD or cassette (from Geology Records) this Friday at the Cactus Club. The video, meanwhile, features various body parts of the band’s three members: bassist Isa Carini’s eyes, singer-guitarist Anthony Weber’s mouth, and drummer Chris Roberts’ entire head. Missing is Labyrinth-era David Bowie himself, who would certainly take the video to NSFW territory with the package he was rocking in that movie.

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