Even though festival season is now in full swing and we’ve already experienced a few days with temperatures in the nineties, it’s technically still spring for a couple more days. This spring has been bustling, fun, and packed with predominately pleasant weather here in Milwaukee. It’s also been a season full of exceptional output from a wide variety of local musicians.

As we say goodbye to spring and prepare for the official beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere, Milwaukee Record wanted to take a moment to acknowledge some of our favorite songs area artists released this spring by putting together a “Spring 2024” Spotify playlist.

We should also take this opportunity to remind you that Spotify is a harmful platform that devalues music and doesn’t adequately compensate artists. So if you happen to enjoy anything on this playlist, we urge you to listen to more material from those artists, buy their music and other merch directly or on Bandcamp, and see them perform live. So long, spring, and thanks for all the great songs!

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