One of the best byproducts of Arte Para Todos is the way the benefit brings musicians—oftentimes performers from entirely different ends of the music landscape who would otherwise never perform on the same show—together for a singular cause. Though this weekend’s five-neighborhood, 25-venue, 90-plus-act undertaking is pretty much the apex of Milwaukee music’s generosity and collaborative spirit, area artists show their love and respect for one another all year long. One way this is done is through covers. The list of local-on-local covers is long and growing. The latest instance of this is Jack Tell’s finger-tapping recreation of The Fatty Acids’ Boléro standout, “Flamingo Graveyard.”

Shot a few weeks ago above Company Brewing by past visual collaborator Cheston VanHuss of Effigy Media, the simple video sees the former Animals In Human Attire singer deconstructing the synth-pop symphony and rebuilding it with fingerstyle taps and raw vocals. Check out this unique cross-Riverwest tribute, then see both Tell and the band he’s honoring today at Arte Para Todos. The Fatty Acids play at Best Friendz at 5 p.m. and Tell will take the stage at Linneman’s at 5:30.

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