With visuals like the crisp and pristine studio-shot “Boyz” and the snowy serenity of “Dance Through The Winter” to the band’s credit, GGOOLLDD can usually be relied upon to release music videos with the production value and a level of sleekness that extend far beyond their budget. The same can be said for the video for GGOOLLDD’s latest single, “Undercovers,” only with a dark twist.

As the band cruises the southern Wisconsin countryside in a 1974 Bluebird Wanderlodge RV, the carefree ride is interrupted by engine troubles. Forced to spend the night in the elements, an unexpected tour obstacle suddenly becomes a fight for survival. The eight-minute video was shot at a farm in Clinton, Wisconsin over a 36-hour period back in October. The band played a part in crafting the its chilling concept, ’70s-inspired wardrobe, and set design. Appleton-based S.C. Pictures handled the rest.

GGOOLLDD will perform at Thursday’s Radio Milwaukee Music Awards and will headline a December 2 show at Turner Hall that also features Har Mar Superstar and Flint Eastwood.

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