Last year, Milwaukee dance-pop quintet GGOOLLDD swiftly took over the city’s music scene on the weight of its great four-song EP, $TANDARD$, and a steady diet of unforgettable live shows in every nook of town. Since its 2014 breakout, the band’s rapidly growing fanbase has been left to wonder how GGOOLLDD would echo its tremendous first impression. If the new music video for “Boyz,” the fifth song GGOOLLDD has released, is any indication, even better things are on the way.

The sleek, stylish video finds GGOOLLDD frontwoman Margaret Butler and her cohorts dancing alongside ballerinas, while playing the criminally catchy new song. The video was shot at St. Francis-based RDI Studios in early December, and co-directed by Ryan Bingham and GGOOLLDD guitarist Tony Hunt. Producers Jessica Farrell and John Roberts, along with executive producers Timm Gable and Mark Foote played a huge part in the video’s completion as well.

The single will be available at the band’s Arte Para Todos show, as part of a 100-run of pink “perfume box” packages released by the spanking new Gloss Records (and on the label’s site March 3). The release will also include all the songs from $TANDARD$, three demos, two instrumentals, and a “Gold” remix by Dashcam. “Boyz” will be available on iTunes beginning March 10.

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