Milwaukee music has been especially generous lately. Both Borg Warm and, ahem, Local Coverage showcased numerous local acts to raise thousands for Girls Rock Milwaukee earlier this month. Pablove 6 saw a flurry of Milwaukee musicians and Shirley Manson herself playing a well-attended Turner Hall show to combat childhood cancer. This past weekend, the inaugural Riverwest FemFest raised almost $2,200 (and numerous other useful items) for the Milwaukee Women’s Center. Combine the number of bands, venues, and neighborhoods of all those benefit shows together, and you’re getting close to the impact Arte Para Todos (“Art For Everyone”) will have.

Between Friday, February 27 and Sunday, March 1, a total of 70 acts and 15 artists will play shows at 15 venues spread throughout three neighborhoods. One last number to throw at you: 100 percent of the proceeds will go to art programs in Milwaukee public schools. Every cent of the $7 single-show, $12 day-long, or $20 weekend pass cover will be shared between three Arte Para Todos partner schools, which are Bay View High School, Tamarack Waldorf High School, and La Escuela Fratney. UPDATE: One-day and weekend passes are now available for purchase at

“[Lately] already underfunded schools have had their budgets cut further, and the first programs to go are often art programs,” co-organizer Josh Evert (of The Fatty Acids and Jaill) says. “The arts aren’t expendable. They are essential in developing well-rounded citizens and in teaching us tolerance, compassion, and expression. Arte Para Todos is a sustainable template that can and will be repeated to support young people.”

Here’s the unbelievably good and diverse locally sourced lineup (UPDATED FEBRUARY 2) of the inaugural Arte Para Todos (each show is listed from headliner to opener).


Cactus Club (10 p.m. start)
The Fatty Acids (with WC Tank)
Mortgage Freeman
(hitmayng DJ set)
Art: Exhibition and Photobooth by Milwaukee Alt/Ryan Laessig

Club Garibaldi (9:30 p.m. start)
Kia Rap Princess
Holy Sheboygan
(Q The Sun DJ set)
Art: Painting performances by Elias Vallejo, and Cassie Genc

Tonic Tavern (7:30 p.m. start)
Faux Fir
The Olives
(Kiings DJ set)
Art: Live art explosion by Jeff Redmon and Skully Skyrocket!

The Highbury (7 p.m. start)
Uni.Fi Records showcase (El Shareef, Michael Jay Regal, Dana Coppa & SPEAK Easy “Raplords”)
D. Bridge
Art: Live art by Jeffrey Eckel and Matt Nadolny

Boone & Crockett (7 p.m. start)
Paper Holland
Ugly Brothers
Airo Kwil
(Annalog DJ set)
Art: Live art from Brandon Minga

Frank’s Power Plant (11 p.m. start)
I’m Not A Pilot
Art: Live art performance by Amanda Iglinski and Thaison Nguyen


Mad Planet (11 p.m. start)
New Age Narcissists
Bliss & Alice
Stubby Chubbz
Art: Exhibition by Renee Bebeau

Linneman’s Riverwest Inn (7 p.m. start)
Christopher Porterfield
The Grasping At Straws
Wolfgang Schaefer
Lex Allen
Art: Exhibition by Todd Mrozinski

Club Timbuktu (10:30 p.m. start)
Sat. Nite Duets
Art: Live art by Thaison Nguyen

Company Brewing (8:30 p.m. start)
Bo Triplex
(Moses of Higher Education Records DJ set)
Art: Exhibition and Live art performance by Cassie Genc

Cocoon Room (3:30 p.m. start)
Midnight Reruns
Low Down Sound
Liar’s Trial
Soft Targets
The Bang Bang

Bremen Cafe (9 p.m. start)
Slow Walker
Lord3 Fr3d33
Art: Exhibition by Jessica Laub

Riverwest Public House (9:30 p.m. start)
Soul Low
MC Mikal
Animals In Human Attire
Jack Trice
Art: Live art battle by John Kowalczyk, Dena Nord, Crystal Bleiler


Quarters Rock ’N’ Roll Palace (6 p.m. start)
Brat Sounds
New Boyz Club
Iron Pizza
(Platinum Boys DJ set)


Hotel Foster (noon start)
Safari Al
Pharaoh Mac & DMT
Castle Thunder
Arte Para Todos Film Festival (curated by WC Tank)

Yield Bar (5:30 p.m. start)
Devil Met Contention
Antler House

The Jazz Estate (2:30 p.m. start)
Heidi Spencer
Flag Signals
Caley Conway
Jordin Bass and Amanda Jo Langley
Casual Vocals
(in association with aMilwaukee)

BBC Upper Level (8 p.m. start)
Ramma Lamma
Surgeons In Heat
Holy Shit!
Art: Bass Structures

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