When we last caught up with The Unitaskers, the indie rock outfit was offering listeners a recorded introduction to its incomparable sound with a song about Tide Pods, which—quite fittingly—was called “Tide Pods.” Over the roughly 20 months since that self-recorded debut (and its B-side, “Chicken Sashimi”) saw the light of day in early 2018, The Unitaskers have played out with some regularity, wowed some Packer Backers during an installment of our Halftime Show series at Cactus Club last fall, and kept busy writing and recording material for its debut studio release.

That forthcoming five-song EP, The Last Pillar Of Light, is expected to come out sometime this spring. However, with the New Moon In Pisces coming up February 23, the band wanted to mark the celestial occurrence by releasing a song by the same name. Recorded by Andrew Jambura at Silver City Studios, “New Moon In Pisces” offers a longer and far more earnest glimpse of a band that first came to local consciousness with a song about consuming laundry detergent. This time around, the quintet trades in Hot Rod references for genre-jumping instrumentation and frenzied vocals that ably navigate from Black Sabbath territory to something nearing the vicinity of PUP, with a few fun, fuzzy, and altogether unique touches thrown in for good measure.

Before The Unitaskers release The Last Pillar Of Light this spring and prior to the band’s next show (at Quarters Rock ‘n Roll Palace on March 20 with Brat Sounds, Not The Cops, and Nutritious & Delicious), listen to “New Moon In Pisces” now.

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