With just under nine months in the books, it’s safe to say 2016 has been Fox Face‘s biggest year yet. Since January, the punk quartet has headlined nights of Riverwest FemFest and Arte Para Todos, played Milwaukee’s PrideFest and festivals in Detroit and Chicago, toured, and—ahem!—took part in Milwaukee Record‘s second annual Local Coverage benefit. As memorable as the band’s year has already been, Fox Face will cap off its most active stint since its inception with the release of Teen Wiccan, a seven-inch that showcases the groups’s finest 6:31 of material.

The three-song 45 was recorded by Kyle Motor in Madison last November. Though the trio of sullen, short-form ditties is Fox Face’s third release, it’s the first one pressed to vinyl.

“To me it’s a mark of something good,” singer-guitarist Lindsay DeGroot says. “You can put anything out easily and cheaply on a CD or a tape. It takes time and money to do a record, and I feel like these recordings deserved it.”

From The Craft-inspired title track to the hectic and howling “Boogie Man,” and, fittingly, the sludgy rhythmic crawl of “Tar,” Fox Face treats listeners to its best material yet, while also hinting at even better things on the horizon. Before Fox Face’s release show at High Dive on Saturday, a west coast tour in October, and a record expected out sometime in 2017, listen to the seven-inch’s titular single below.

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