Last August, Rusty P’s released their seventh studio album, Pull The Trigger, which the veteran Milwaukee hip-hop outfit wrote and recorded as a two-piece. By November, Count Classic and Phantom Channel had announced plans to bring back the original Rusty Pelicans lineup and release another album in 2015 in accordance with the group’s 20th anniversary. With Dana Coppa and MC Oneself back in the fold, not to mention the production prowess of LMNtylst, the reunited cast quickly knocked out tracks for the awesomely-named LMNtylist and Rusty P’s collaborative record, LMNoP’s.

“Figment” is the first single off the Rusty Reunion record, which is due out on Unifi Records prior to the P’s June 25 opening gig for Public Enemy at Summerfest. The track finds the experienced cast of veteran Milwaukee emcees venturing into new, unfamiliar territory, by laying bars atop a contagious wah-wah guitar lick and a chunky, borderline-Reggae bass line complements of LMNtlyst.

“The album, to me personally, is the best we’ve done so far,” Phantom Channel tells Milwaukee Record. “It’s got so much texture to it and we really stepped out of our comfort zone on some things. It’s super rich sonically and probably the most consistent project we’ve done yet as well.”

Before these old dogs who helped shape Milwaukee hip-hop show the world all 15 of their new tricks employed on LMNoP‘s, listen to “Figment” right now, only at Milwaukee Record.

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