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• It was a confusing week for Milwaukee, with homegrown holidays and petitions for the mayor to grow back his mustache on one end, and rampant violence and squabbling public figures on the other. But somewhere in the middle, the city found a story it could get behind: the story of the lead singer of Puddle Of Mudd getting arrested at General Mitchell International Airport.

You remember Puddle Of Mudd, right? The ’90s/’00s band that once squeezed out that “She Hates Me” song? The one where they always edited out “fucking”? Yes, multiple media sources reported on Wednesday that the man behind that song, Wes Scantlin, was detained at the airport for disorderly conduct, taken to the Milwaukee County Jail, and then…well, that’s about all anyone knows. Scantlin was released the same day, and Puddle Of Mudd’s tour went on as planned. No further details have been released.

So what happened? Scantlin was arrested at Denver International Airport back in January for taking a “joyride” on a baggage carousel, and his greatest hits collection of bizarre and destructive behavior over the past few years would make the dude from Creed blush. Was Wednesday’s arrest linked to another baggage carousel ride? Was it indecent exposure, as some sites are (possibly erroneously) reporting? Was he decombobulating when he should have been recombobulating? Our kingdom for more details on this fucking story.

Milwaukee Magazine’s Dan Shafer talked to Ald. Bob Bauman, who isn’t too keen on the still-uncertain financing plans for the proposed Bucks arena. In addition to offering his own solution (one he admits will never fly because it involves raising taxes), he likens the entire “build it or we’ll leave” scenario to “legalized extortion.”

Tap Milwaukee’s Piet Levy reported from the seven-minute Rolling-Stones-ticket-buying frenzy at the Summerfest box office Monday morning. Best quote from a fan who didn’t get what he wanted: “It’s sad. I got a new liver in 2002, and I was mostly drinking. This time, I would have remembered it.”

• Speaking of Summerfest, the Big Gig announced 15 additional headlining acts to go along with its previously announced 8,000. One of the new ones is OK Go. Tap Milwaukee has more.

• Is there anything better than Cafe Corazon? Yes: two Cafe Corazons. The Milwaukee Business Journal has the scoop on the Riverwest Mexican food staple’s plans to open a second location in Bay View.

• In honor of Milwaukee Day, Dope Folks Records put together an excellent, two-decade-spanning mix of classic Milwaukee hip-hop. Listen immediately.

• The Bucks revealed three new logos Monday night that you’ve already formed 8,000 opinions on. The team’s official website has info on all the little Easter eggs hidden in the designs.

• Have you ever walked, jogged, or biked through Lakeshore State Park and thought, “All of this open space is nice, but I wish there was a big ‘visitor center’ plopped somewhere in the middle of it”? Then you’re in luck! The Milwaukee Business Journal reports that a self-sustaining, “off-the-grid” visitor center is indeed in the works for the park, and that it will likely begin construction around 2017.

• Over at Milwaukee Magazine, Kevin Mueller reminisced about Atomic Records and compared blind and needless Record Store Day shopping to “empty satisfaction” and “downloading the entire Counting Crows discography onto iTunes.”

• Pele performed for Tap Milwaukee’s “Sound Check” series ahead of its first Milwaukee show in 11 years. Don’t miss the legendary post-rock instrumental band—featuring Jon Mueller, Chris Rosenau, and Matt Tennessen—Saturday at the Cactus Club.

• The Journal Sentinel remembered Milwaukee bowling hall-of-famer Bob Pinkalla, who died Monday at age 86. We’ll bowl 13 games in your honor, Bob, one for every one of your sanctioned 300 games.

• Glammy Milwaukee rock band Tigernite released a new single, “Drag” (not to be confused with NO/NO’s “Drag”). Evan Rytlewski at the Shepherd Express has more info on Tigernite’s summer plans.

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