Are you and your friends, in the Year of Our Lord 2024, still playing Cards Against Humanity? Looking to mix things up a bit? Then buckle up for a new game: Forbidden Plates. (Tagline: “The adult card game for creative miscreants.”) It’s similar to CAG except it’s A.) inspired by license plates, B.) it comes with some nifty tablets, and C.) it’s the brainchild of a first-time Milwaukee-based game designer, Terrance Thomas.

“The game is about coming up with funny phrases from the combination of three-letter acronyms and random topic cards,” Thomas explains. “I was inspired to make this game almost three years ago during the pandemic lockdown. I missed my friends and our game nights. One day, at a red light, I looked at the letters on the license plate in front of me and made random words out of them. Then I decided to try creating them off a topic. Then it connected with me that this could be a game and I thought ‘what would make my friends enjoy it?’ After five prototypes and amazing support from the people around me, I have arrived to where I am today.”

Sounds fun! But Forbidden Plates needs a little help to become a reality. Thomas is looking to raise $15,000 via Kickstarter to produce the game. With just under a week to go, the all-or-nothing campaign still needs about $12,000. HLP.

And yeah, we know Kramer’s ASSMAN plate in the photo above isn’t how Forbidden Plates is played, but we just couldn’t help ourselves.

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