As a guy who is so deeply involved in all facets of Milwaukee music, it’s kind of astonishing that Myles Coyne hasn’t managed a proper release under the project that bears his name in more than two years. Since that record, 2013’s Take Things As They Come, Coyne joined Ladders, stepped away from Temple and Animals In Human Attire, and scaled back his annual Breadfest event a bit. Meanwhile, he shed the “& The Rusty Nickel Band” suffix from his pet project on account of most Nickels seeking change with other projects.

Some 26 months removed from his optimistic album with its endearingly rough edges, Coyne has grown up, settled down, and exhibited significant change as a musician. Those developments stand front and center on Coyne’s new untitled EP. Ironically, the four-song journey began around the same time Take Things was being released. Noting his Rusty Nickel players were moving away from the project to focus on Cherryball, Ugly Brothers, and Lousy Trouts, the bandleader says he recorded the new material “in a panic before the members moved onto their own projects, and as [he] went back to rebuild the lineup and musical direction.”

While the framework was laid down in a hurry, Coyne spent the next two years refining the songs and says he “went overdub crazy” by enlisting contributions from The Sleepwalkers’ Ian Olvera (keys) and Ryan McCrary (guitar), Calliope’s Victor Buell (guitar), Travis Drow (trumpet), Jay Anderson of Foreign Goods, New Boyz Club, and more (tenor saxophone), and Caley Conway (vocals). Though the list of collaborators is lengthy, the mix is far from crowded. The antsy aspects of Coyne’s debut have given way to a more focused and at-ease songwriter with a better grasp on his voice. Yes, remnants linger at moments in “Yield” and “I’m A Deer,” but “Still Friends Moon” and “Swept Under” show musical improvement, lyrical evolution, and a distinct progression throughout. Listen to Myles Coyne’s untitled EP now, only at Milwaukee Record.

Myles Coyne will release his EP at Linneman’s Riverwest Inn on Friday, October 16. WC Tank, and Undlin & Wolfe will play in support. The show begins at 9 p.m. and costs $5 at the door.

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