Compilations that set out to capture “the sound of the city” can be tricky. No collection of songs can ever truly sum up an entire city, and they’re often more notable for what they don’t include than for what they do. Milwaukee’s Top Five Records gives it a shot anyway with the excellent The Sound Of Young Milwaukee, a comp that rounds up new and unreleased cuts from some of the city’s best young (and young-ish) bands. Jaill, Soul Low, The Fatty Acids, Surgeons In Heat, and more all make appearances. It may not be a mural of an entire city, but it’s a pretty damn compelling snapshot.

The Sound Of Young Milwaukee will see a physical release over the course of three shows next week: Thursday, April 17 at Boone & Crockett (ft. Wolfgang Schaefer, Myles Coyne, Castle Thunder, and a Wax Addicts DJ set); Friday, April 18 at The Hotel Foster (ft. Soul Low, Surgeons In Heat, The Fatty Acids, and a Rio Turbo DJ set); and Saturday, April 19 at The Hotel Foster (ft. Calliope, Animals In Human Attire, GGOOLLDD, and a Fauxny DJ set). Before those shows, you can stream the entire comp exclusively at the Milwaukee Record.