Baseball is back. With the return of America’s pastime comes periphery joys of various meats smoldering on a sea of grill, almost-daily Bob Uecker radio ramblings that are equal parts disjointed and hilarious, and (apparently) team-produced videos of professional athletes lip-syncing a song from a kids movie.

In an overt attempt to go “viral,” your first place (wait, really?!) Milwaukee Brewers filmed a music video for famed producer/genius hat-prop comic Pharrell Williams’ standout song “Happy” from the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack.

The three-minute-long shark jump features players and personnel hamming it up, along with such highlights as: Davey Nelson raising the roof; Bob Uecker playing a trumpet; Brian Anderson getting chest-bumped by Bill “Rock” Schroeder; governor Scott Walker donning a personalized “Happy” jersey; Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett (likely not wearing a “Happy” jersey); Ryan Braun smiling (And expressing team-mandated happiness? AFTER WHAT HE DID TO US?! Think of the children!); and of course, Hank the Dog being held by the Brewers’ other beloved mascot, Ed Sedar.

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