Has it been nearly a year since we last heard from Dream Attics, the monumentally chill, spaced-out electro experiment from Nick Tovarek and Shane English? Yep, it has. But lest you think the duo simply floated off into space and disappeared, a la Dr. Frank Poole in 2001: A Space Odyssey, think again: per a Facebook post from last fall, Dream Attics have been “balls deep in a batch of new songs that will soon morph from a tube of raw cookie dough into a full platter of fresh cookies.” Aren’t we all.

Now, the first cookie from the batch has emerged in the form of a terrific new single, “You Had Me.” Like the tracks from Dream Attics’ 2014 EP Unbend, “You Had Me” is a glistening, gauzy, and laid-back (some might even say dreamy) trip though inner and outer space. Think a technicolor cross between Sylvan Esso and Canopies. Listen to it below, and be on the lookout for future offerings from Dream Attics’ oven.

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