[Editor’s note: All concert announcements on Milwaukee Record are done in the style of Quint’s chalkboard speech from Jaws.]

Y‘all know Spin Doctors. Know how the hippy-dippy ’90s alt-rock band earns a livin’. The lead singer of the group, Chris Barron, will play a show for you this summer, but it ain’t gonna be easy. Weird show! Not like going down to a fancy downtown theater to see The Bluegills and The Tommycods. This Barron fella’ will be playing Shank Hall. Little singing, little scatting, little “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong,” and down you go.

And he’s doing it quick, on Friday, June 7. That’ll put all your longtime Farwell Avenue venues that specialize in the Ike Reilly Assassination and Led Zeppelin cover bands on a payin’ basis. But it’s not gonna be pleasant! Chris Barron values his neck a lot more than seven bucks at the door and a few tunes from 1991’s Pocket Full of Kryptonite, Chief. He’ll get there at 3, but he’ll start to play, and kill it, at 8.

But you’ve gotta make up your minds. If you want to see Barron live, then ante up $20 for tickets. If you want to play it cheap, then see Without U2, the Midwest’s greatest U2 tribute act next Saturday at Shank for only $10.

Chris Barron don’t want no volunteers, he don’t want no local openers (until one is announced), there’s too many bands in this town. Twenty dollars for Barron by himself. For that you get “Two Princes,” some selections from his 2017 solo album Angels And One Armed Jugglers, the whole damn thing.

Just go ahead now.

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