When we last heard from Fudgy—a.k.a. a self-described “consortium of musical buffoons from Milwaukee, Buffalo, Seattle, and Los Angeles who believes in the destruction of enemies real or otherwise by laughing last”—the group was releasing not one, but two full-length albums, and preparing not to play a release show for said albums. But that was way back in 2016. Things, um, sure have changed since then!

So how is Fudgy responding to these strange and troubling times? By encouraging folks to donate to a worthy cause, and by giving them the gift of new Fudgy music in return. Want to get your hands on a limited-run 7-inch lathe cut record of new Fudgy songs, including “Shabash!”? Then simply donate $10 or more to Street Angels, a Milwaukee nonprofit that “reaches into the community to restore hope by empowering individuals, inspiring others to pay it forward, and providing basic human necessities to those in need.”

Oh, did we mention that the 7-inch lathe cut record is white, square, limited to a run of 70, and serves as a teaser for another Fudgy double album, The Now End Of The Universe, due this summer? And that if you donate $20 or more to Street Angels, you’ll get the 7-inch lathe cut record and free downloads of previous Fudgy albums and a sticker? Just email Fudgy mastermind (and Milwaukee Record contributor) Justin Kern at [email protected] with your proof of donation and your mailing address. Easy!

“We are presently entertaining offers for multi-million-dollar record label support that will be steered entirely into pressing humanitarian causes and failed musical expressions,” Kern says. Until then, listen to the new Fudgy material below.

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