Less than half a year has gone by since Josh Evert and Derek De Vinney (both of The Fatty Acids) officially unveiled Dinner Set Gang. Though the project has no formal release to its name at this point, the band has already garnered some well-deserved attention from listeners scattered everywhere between Pewaukee to Panama City with innovative videos made for ambitious and altogether excellent singles they’ve released sporadically since late 2020.

Today—a couple weeks removed from releasing its latest song, “Jellyfish”—Dinner Set Gang put out a music video for the summer-suited single. As listeners should expect by this point, the top-notch song is paired with equally awesome visuals. Using footage De Vinney gathered from archive.org, Evert added “bitcrushed, pixely effects” and (using Dan Boville’s mural on the Washington Heights Creative Works building as a “green screen” of sorts) projected the footage against his bandmate. The duo is also joined by Matt Pappas of The Fatty Acids and Platinum Boys fame, who offers a blistering guitar solo. Treccy MT and D’amato also contribute some backing vocals. D’amato plays saxophone on the song as well.

When the intriguing and unconventional footage is combined with the smooth song and its subtle social undertones, the “Jellyfish” video takes viewers on, what Evert calls, “a sensual psychedelic journey about living with one’s head in the sand as the world burns around us.” Take a trip, click the link, and watch Dinner Set Gang’s “Jellyfish” video below.

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