Following 30 seasons as the Huntsville Stars (that past 15 of those as the Milwaukee Brewers Double-A affiliate), the Southern League franchise was sold in January and was promptly uprooted from the Alabama space hub to Biloxi, Mississippi. Since the seaside city—called “The Playground Of The South” for some reason—apparently doesn’t have stars, the now-Gulf Of Mexico-adjacent team needed a new name and logo to reflect the dawning of a new era. Based on Thursday night’s unveiling of said name and logo, the Brewers affiliate’s re-branding is off to a rough start.

As the result of an online voting campaign (which always works) that solicited more than 60,000 entries, the Biloxi Shuckers were born. The name was selected for a field of six names that also included Mullets, Black Jacks, Beacon, Schooners, and Shrimpers. Since shrimping doubles as term for toe-sucking, a mullet is also a hairstyle, and the other three names suggested don’t quite sound enough like the words “shit” and “fuckers” combined, Shuckers was the obvious choice from the altogether awful ballot. If the name isn’t bad enough, the early logo designs aren’t much more promising. Despite being named after those whose occupation is to remove oysters from their shell (an overt nod to the area’s prominent seafood industry), the harvested crustacean appears to be the mascot. That’s like the New England Patriots having a redcoat as their mascot or the Green Bay Packers replacing the famous G with a meatloaf.

If your employer reprimands you for the borderline-NSFW illustration above, just tell them it’s not what they think it is, and that people actually voted for this shit to happen instead of going with the obvious choice of “Biloxi Blues.”

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