Damn! Has it really been 10 years since the first Land By The Lake volume was released? We’ve crunched the numbers and, yes, it appears the compilation that producer and engineer DSCRIBE curated to help “create a snapshot of Milwaukee’s potent hip-hop scene” first reached ears a decade ago.

Since that 19-song comp came out in early 2014, two more Land By The Lake volumes were released and the city’s hip-hop scene has only grown, evolved, and attracted more attention both locally and far beyond city limits along the way. In total, the trio of LBTL releases served up 42 tracks that display the irrefutable talent and of close to 60 vocalists, producers, and videographers. Looking back, it was one hell of an undertaking and a truly great time capsule of local rap through the years.

In honor of the 10-year anniversary of the first Land By The Lake and the compilations—which have only been available on Soundcloud to this point—finally hitting streaming services at some point this year, DSCRIBE and co. are reaching back to highlight the releases in exciting new ways throughout the year. That initiative started this morning, as a brand new music video for a standout song from Vol. 1 was released to the world.

Clocking in at just 85 seconds, the “Write Murder” video is a short and sweet introduction to Kia Rap Princess on a 40Mil-produced track released before she was making her mark outside of Milwaukee and performing alongside certified stars at American Family Insurance Ampitheater. Between Kia’s effortless flow, 40Mil’s string-instrument-infused production, and the crisp visuals of Famous Motion Films & Photography, the “Write Murder” video is a refreshed blast from the past that still holds up today. Check out the video now and stay tuned for more Land By The Lake anniversary output before the end of 2024.

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