Last week, Milwaukee singer-songwriter Caley Conway released Only A Dark Cocoon, a fascinating and beautifully rendered three-song EP inspired by the classic Joni Mitchell song “The Last Time I Saw Richard.” “Only A Dark Cocoon, for me, is a meditative untangling of a song I’ve been passively obsessed with for the last 15 years or so,” Conway said. Now, there’s a video to add to that untangling.

The clip for “All Good Dreamers” finds Conway on a sound stage, surrounded by a swarm of photographers, makeup artists, agents, assistants, assorted hangers-on, and one self-obsessed journalist who won’t shut up. (Who’d they get to play that role?) Despite all the hubbub, Conway is isolated and alone—until a young visitor briefly breaks through her “dark cocoon.”

Watch the video—deftly directed by Ehson Rad of Devil Met Contention—now:

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