It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Antler House, whose 2014 debut full-length Through The Dirt was equal parts ghastly and gorgeous. Excluding a scant few shows since the record release, the local folk trio has pretty much kept to itself of late and, instead, has focused on writing a new album. After a stint at Howl Street Recordings, the band recently emerged with material for a new record. Next month, Antler House will put out a follow-up (tentatively titled Across The Waves) at an April 30 release show at Company Brewing.

With more than six weeks sitting between now and the record’s release, the band has unveiled what may be its most dour song to date, this time with video accompaniment. “Wabbit” chronicles singer Sean Anderson’s discovery of an injured rabbit, and his futile attempt to nurse it back to health. The video, shot by Anderson and his girlfriend Brie Keane, is a fairly literal interpretation of the airy folk number’s somber lyrics. Despite the weighty subject matter of the song itself, the rudimentary iPhone-shot piece offsets the severity of “Wabbit” by using stuffed animals and homemade masks to—at least somewhat—soften the devastating blow of bunny death.

Prior to the April 30 release show at Company Brewing, Antler House will open for City Of Ghosts‘ album release show tonight at Club Garibaldi.

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