Don’t feel bad if the name Antler House doesn’t sound familiar. Though the Milwaukee trio has been kicking around Riverwest cafes and basements just shy of two years, the band has only recently upped its show schedule. Before the understated release of new single “Underdog” last week, Antler House had exactly zero mastered songs in its catalog. Don’t chalk the lack of output up to laziness, though. Rather, the stripped-down indie outfit’s attention to detail and the self-diagnosed OCD of singer Sean Anderson shoulder the blame for Antler House’s long-delayed debut album.

Initially recorded over two nights at a factory in Barrington, Illinois way back in January of 2013, the release of Through The Dirt was pushed back as the band sifted through a mound of takes, as Anderson re-recorded all of his acoustic guitar parts, and the group laid down the album versions of “Where You Can Run” and “Real Things” in their basement practice space. The 12-track effort is well worth the wait, as outstanding harmonies fill spacious, minimalist works that border on folk.

Through The Dirt will, at long last, be released in physical format Saturday night during a free show at Yield Bar. Soul Low and Ugly Brothers will be playing opening sets in support of Antler House. The album will be available for physical purchase or pay-what-you-want digital download at either the Antler House Bandcamp page or Delaware House Records. Until this weekend, Milwaukee Record is the exclusive source for this full-album stream.