Lest you think U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan has been taking it easy and/or working on his ’ceps since his failed 2012 vice presidential bid, think again. The Janesville Republican is still the golden child of his party, celebrated for his GOP-friendly budget cuts and anti-poverty proposals, not to mention his wicked-ass widow’s peak. But when he’s not busy dreaming up ways to help the common man via Ayn Rand-inspired philosophies, he’s busy hanging out with the common man via awkward public goat-milkings. As one does, of course.

Yes, what follows is a video of Paul Ryan milking a goat at this year’s Racine County Fair. It comes courtesy of Milwaukee-area funnyman Reuben Glaser, who also provides the obviously dubbed-in sound effects and goat grunts. (A version with the original audio can be found here, for you goat-milking purists.) Do the opposite of Ryan and the goat, and enjoy.

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