Every Friday, Stuff We Missed looks to other Milwaukee publications (and beyond) for, well, stuff we missed throughout the week.

• One of the Hop streetcars partially derailed Thursday morning at about 10 a.m. The Department of Public Works called the Milwaukee Fire Department for help, and crews got the car back on track—and on its way to a maintenance facility—at about 2 p.m. That’s it. No one was injured.

Here’s the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article about it. Here’s the FOX 6 article about it. Here’s the CBS 58 article about it. Here’s some dipshit talk radio host grunting about it. (Shocking, we know.) [Twitter]

• Oh, and the thing has derailed before. Everything is going to be okay. [FOX 6]

• Ardent, 1751 N. Farwell Ave., will be closed for remodeling February 23 through early April. The updated restaurant will feature “a reimagined space which will incorporate a relaxing lounge and bar menu.” [OnMilwaukee]

• Not to be outdone, Kegel’s Inn in West Allis, 5901 W. National Ave., will be closed for remodeling February 16-26. The project was “prompted by the need for increased efficiency to service the influx of guests particularly during beer garden season.” [OnMilwaukee]


• Mural Watch 2020: The top strip of the parking structure beneath MacArthur Square—you know, where you park when you go to the Milwaukee Public Museum—is getting a mural. The mural area is “roughly 620 feet wide and between 5 and 6 feet high.” [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

• The Pabst Theater, 144 E. Wells St., is getting some new signage. [Urban Milwaukee]

• The Milwaukee Bucks are worth a cool $1.58 billion. They’re now the 19th-highest valued team in the NBA, up from 22 last year. [Milwaukee Business Journal]

• NEW FIELD REPORT. [Bandcamp]

• The “world’s largest bounce house” will set up shop at State Fair Park for the first two weekends in May. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

• R.I.P. Salvatore “Sal” Sendik of the Downer Avenue Sendik’s grocery store. He was 84. [WISN 12]

• Grocery delivery service Peapod will discontinue service in Wisconsin and the entire Midwest on February 18. [Milwaukee Business Journal]

• NEW TACO BELL. [Urban Milwaukee]

• Have a great weekend, Milwaukee!

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