Way back in February, adoptahighway—the experimental electronic venture of classically trained instrumentalist Barry Paul Clark—released A Fault, the project’s first full-length release since 2010’s I Can’t Remember. The dark, boundless eight-song movement confronted the inner turmoil and self-directed criticism that so often plague artists.

Following the record’s release, Clark enlisted Milwaukee musician/filmmaker Wes Tank and Milwaukier Than Thou‘s Adam Carr to lend their unorthodox directorial style and consummate knowledge of Milwaukee’s unsung locations, respectively, to provide a visual element that mirrored the strange, brooding, and beautiful sounds encased in A Fault. “Qualmness” is the third installment of what will be an eight-part series of music videos that covers the duration of adoptahighway’s latest. Using Tank’s penchant for blending layers and Carr’s intrinsic ability to cultivate a strange beauty from the specter of Milwaukee industry, the aura of “Qualmness” is one that’s as cold and unforgiving as the wintry shots it features. Check it out now, and stop complaining about the weather. It’s August.

adoptahighway- QUALMNESS from Wes Tank on Vimeo.

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