Back in July, Madison-based apartment listings site revealed that Milwaukee was home to the fastest increasing rent in the entire country. Milwaukee! An Abodo infographic put Milwaukee’s average 1-bedroom rent price at $880 in June 2016, and $1,010 in July 2016—a 15-percent jump in a single month. Now, in an apparent effort to make you further ponder the true price of fancy East Side murals and fancy new flags, the site has recently launched a feature that tracks what $1,000 in rent gets you in different U.S. cities. And hey, there’s Milwaukee! And hey, Abodo’s findings are…well, not too bad, really:

WHAT: A one-bedroom apartment in the Yankee Hill neighborhood of Milwaukee, in an updated retro-style building. Heat is included, and there are also on-site options for laundry and parking. These Lexington Apartments also come with an air conditioner unit and dishwasher.

HOW MUCH: $1,095 per month.

SIZE: 1 BR, 1 BA

SETTING: The Yankee Hill area is within East Town neighborhood, just south of the Lower East Side. Very close to downtown, the area around the Lexington Apartments is extremely walkable, with a grocery store nearby as well as Cathedral Square—a community park that hosts live music and festivals, ringed by bars and restaurants. It’s also just blocks away from one of Milwaukee’s defining features: Lake Michigan, which has a lakefront dotted with parks and trails.

Seems about right. So what does $1,000 get you in other cities? According to Abodo, a one-bedroom Yankee Hill apartment in Milwaukee is comparable to a three-bedroom 1,000-square-foot apartment in Nashville, Tennessee; a 948-square-foot renovated carriagehouse in Columbus, Ohio; and an 844-square-foot house, “complete with a yard, front porch, and garage,” in Rapid City, South Dakota. Rentals in other cities are more in line with Milwaukee: a one-bedroom in Denver, Colorado; a one-bedroom in Bloomington, Indiana; and a one-bedroom in Atlanta, Georgia.

Only a $1,050-per-month studio apartment in Los Angeles, California’s University Park neighborhood seems completely crazy, especially considering its likely lack of a nearby Metro Market.

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