Way back on June 4, we compiled a list of Milwaukee Bucks tribute songs. Needless to say, THINGS HAVE CHANGED SINCE THEN. Yes, tonight the Bucks have a chance to WIN THE NBA FINALS AT HOME, with approximately 65,000 PEOPLE OUTSIDE THE FISERV FORUM CHEERING THEM ON. Today is going to be wonderful as hell, Milwaukee. We deserve it.

Another thing that’s changed since June: more Bucks songs! Earlier this morning, the incomparable Klassik dropped his own Bucks track, “Bucks In 6.” It’s really, really good, and it pairs well with the zanier charms of Eddy J. Lemberger’s “Got Bucks Lust.” (Note: Everything pairs well with “Got Bucks Lust.”) LISTEN TO IT NOW/ALL DAY:

“BUCKS IN 6. Enough said.” Klassik says. “Bringing the chip home after 50 years. Let’s go!” Enough said, indeed. GO BUCKS.

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