When you’re finished reading our—ahem—oral history of Catholics eating beaver (and muskrat) during Lent, read this: On Friday, March 20, Steny’s Tavern and Grill (800 S. 2nd St., 414-672-7139) will donate 50% of fish fry sales to its laid-off employees. Great job, Steny’s! (Fish fry will be curbside delivery only, of course.)

Here’s a press release:

On Friday March 20th Steny’s Tavern and Grill will be donating 50% of fish fry sales to its laid off employees. The bar will feature a drive-up lane and will be taking and fulfilling orders curbside only. With the new restrictions on bars and restaurants Steny’s continues to sell to-go orders in an effort to keep as many staff working as possible. Unfortunately, the bar has had to make the difficult decision to lay off a large portion of the staff like so many bars, restaurants and small businesses. That’s why owner Jerry Stenstrup came up with the idea to split 50% of the sales among the employees that were laid-off.

On Friday the restaurant will only serve its fish fry which will available for $15.00. All orders will be taken and fulfilled curbside no call in orders. Customers will be asked to line up on National Avenue on the eastbound (south side of the street) with overflow around the corner down 2nd street.

And yes, our weekly fish fry column WILL CONTINUE UNINTERRUPTED.

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