Since opening in late 2014, The Vanguard has quickly established itself as the pinnacle of tubed meat delicacies in Milwaukee. Even though its everyday offerings that have wowed critics, lured professional athletes and visiting celebrities to dine in Bay View, and captured the hearts of both locals and Bill Burr alike, the popular bar and restaurant also likes to keep things interesting by changing up its menu twice annually.

Back in October 2018, Vanguard head chef Patrick “Paddy” Joyce unveiled the restaurant’s latest menu, which included standouts like a wild boar sausage, kimchi fries, a meatloaf burger, and “Uncle Ricky’s Green Beans.” Later this week, some of that new fare and a few other longer-tenured items will be 86ed for good (or removed from the menu until further notice) to make room for new options on The Vanguard’s soon-to-be-updated menu.

Though we’re excited to see what Joyce and company have planned this time around, it’s with a heavy heart that we also must acknowledge some stuff that won’t survive the cut. The Vanguard is saying “last call” to the following menu items. You can enjoy these seven things through Wednesday night (or until they run out). Adjust you diet and dining plans accordingly.

The Klaus
Pork sausage with bacon, thyme, and white wine. Topped with kraut, house-made fig mustard, and chives

The Mandalorian
Wild boar, mushroom, rosemary, and red wine sausage topped with butternut squash, orange bourbon sauce, and sarvecchio

The Brutus Beefcake
Beef and pork meatloaf with melted gouda, horseradish sauce, beef gravy, lettuce, tomato, and onion on grilled sourdough

Buffalo Poutine
Chicken bits or tofu, red hot gravy, bleu cheese, celery, and ranch

Pan-Fried Carrots (v)
Carrots topped with honey, turmeric, chili flake, and mint

Uncle Ricky’s Green Beans
Fried potato topped with creamed green beans, mushroom gravy, and crispy fried onion

Detroit (city style)
Coney sauce, mustard, onion

The Vanguard is also going to get rid of its Bavarian Mustard in favor of Bourbon Mustard, and a menu format change is in the works as well. Stay tuned for more info on the new, improved menu later this week.

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