Here at Milwaukee Record, we aren’t afraid to go to great lengths to run for the border. During our short history, we foolishly ate at every Milwaukee Taco Bell location in eight hours. We journeyed to Chicago in a failed effort to be the first people to get drunk at a Taco Bell Cantina. We once devoted a sizeable segment of a podcast to Naked Chicken Chips. Though we’d still gladly travel across the state and the Midwest for a unique Taco Bell experience, and we continue to love it despite everything it’s done to us, we were pleased to learn the franchise has decided to spare us a long drive this time by making Milwaukee one of just a few U.S test markets (if not the only one) for a new menu item.

The “Chocoladilla” debuted in the U.K. last year. After apparently catching on across the pond, the so-called Kit Kat Quesadilla started appearing on the menus at select Wisconsin locations this week. Minutes after learning the news, we went to the nearest Milwaukee Taco Bell to try it. After shelling out $1 for one, we’re sorry to report that the Chocoladilla is a massive letdown.

Basically, it’s a soft shell taco-sized tortilla that’s been stuffed with a crumbled up Kit Kat and lightly grilled. It’s reminiscent of a pregnancy craving or a desperation “meal” a resourceful college kid would make after returning from a night at the bar. There’s no sauce to speak of nor anything remotely savory to balance out this glorified candy bar taco. We’ll always have a soft spot in our heart for Taco Bell (and numerous soft spots on our body as a direct result of eating Taco Bell), but this is a rare miss for the fast food magnate.

If you live in or around Milwaukee, give the Chocoladilla a try while you still can. It’s likely only going to be available for a limited time…mostly because it’s not very good. [h/t Kate Briquelet]

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