Milwaukee fish fry favorite Steny’s announced Tuesday night that it has temporarily closed for deep cleaning, due to a positive case of COVID-19 “[making] its way into our building” on 800 S. 2nd St.

Here’s the announcement, via Facebook:

Steny’s regrets to inform everyone that to keep customers, staff and their families and friends safe, we are shutting our doors to the public today at 5pm. We’ve been trying our best to be vigilant in providing a safe environment for customers to enjoy. Unfortunately, a positive case of COVID 19 has made its way into our building. In the abundance of caution, we have voluntarily decided to close down until we have deep cleaned the bar in its entirety and have every staff member tested. When we reopen, we will find more ways to keep everyone safe and continue to adhere to guidelines of social distancing protocol, continuous sanitation, and personal protective gear for all staff members. We strongly encourage others that plan on entering businesses that are open to the public or for carryout and/or taking part in other social gatherings to take care of themselves. PLEASE make sure you are completely symptom free and to get tested if any symptoms are present. We sincerely and deeply apologize for this news and hope that everyone remains healthy and safe.

Before Milwaukee officially allowed bars and restaurants to reopen to 25% capacity on June 5, Steny’s was among a handful of establishments promoting a petition for bars and restaurants to reopen without city approval. The petition cited ye olde “We question the constitutionality of the order & the limitations on our individual liberties” argument. How ’bout that.

“If we do not receive opening information, City of Milwaukee Bars & Restaurants will open Monday, June 8th from 4 PM to 7 PM as a show of solidarity,” read the petition. “We question the constitutionality of the order & the limitations on our individual liberties. City of Milwaukee Bars & Restaurants are capable of being open safely & effectively and we demand you let us have the opportunity to do so.”

Steny’s fish fry is still really good though.

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