Last May, Riverwest 24 announced its annual and incomparable race—complete with the usual registration, scoring, leaderboards, and winners—would not be held. Instead of hosting “The People’s Holiday” in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, organizers pledged to replace the 2020 event with “something.” That promise of “something” turned out to be supporting area organizations and getting behind important social causes.

Sadly-yet-understandably, the 2021 Riverwest 24 race—originally scheduled to take place July 23-24 from 7 p.m. to 7 p.m.—also will not be happening. The announcement was made earlier this month. Instead of planning to bring back the large-scale undertaking this summer, the Riverwest 24 team says it’s working on a “holiday observance, with safety in mind, and hopefully something for every comfort level.”

Organizers laid out what people can expect (and what people should NOT expect) this year in a statement that was recently posted on the Riverwest 24 website. You can read it below:

Here we are again. Planning in a time when plans are not plans. We’re so close but not there yet. Your tireless and tired RW24 team is working on something for the Holiday observance, with safety in mind, and hopefully something for every comfort level.

To be clear, there will not be a “race” with the usual registration, scoring, leaderboards, or winners.

There will be a Holiday.

Here’s what we know so far…
We will print t-shirts, draw a tattoo, and coordinate your bonuses. (A lot of bonuses)
We will provide direction, surprises, heckling, love and cheers, but no sweaty manifests.

You will set personal goals, start friendly rivalries, do bonuses, share stories, play music, heckle, cheer, and make friends.

You will pitch and host bonus checkpoints, host entertainment stops, create amazing neighborhood energy and ride your bike!

It will be different than a “normal” 24, but the possibilities are endless this year. The Holiday is and has always been, what you make it.

You will still make a friend.
You will still ride your bike.
You will still feel the YAY!

Stay tuned. We’re still working it all out. This is just the beginning.

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