For the past year, Kind Oasis—a local CBD, hemp, Delta 8 and Delta 9 retailer located on Milwaukee’s East Side—has made a line of Milwaukee Record-branded 69 mg Delta 8 gummies. After a few months and hundreds of jars shipped all over the country, we’re proud to let you know about a new variation that’s being offered just in time for the Professional Basketball™ playoffs.

Throughout this spring and summer, Kind Oasis will be selling versions of our assorted sour gummies with colors that bear a striking resemblance to the local hoops franchise. Oh Deer! The temporary color change also brings about a few new flavors. Each 20-count jar will now feature green (green apple), light blue (blue raspberry), and—just for old time’s sake—purple (grape) gummies for a limited time.

At 69 mg per square, the Milwaukee Record gummy is now the most potent edible Kind Oasis offers. Prior to this release, the store’s gummies topped out at 50 mg. So unless you’re accustomed to that high of a dosage, we recommend only taking a portion of one gummy at a time. We’re not experts though, so here’s more information from Kind Oasis:

Edibles tend to take a little longer to process through the body’s metabolism, and will become effective around 45 minutes after eating. The impactful high will last anywhere from 1-3 hours in most bodies, and the aftermath of the high will leave the user relaxed, and sometimes a little tired. Our 69mg D-8 gummy will affect the user in a relaxing, indica-forward way, meaning that you’ll experience bodily relaxation and relief as well as mental relaxation and clarity. It is a great gummy to bring along to the movies, a concert, or perhaps a day out at a museum. It’s also a great gummy to take the edge off and help transition the user from work or daytime responsibilities into nighttime relaxation and eventually sleep. New users should take a half gummy first, and wait the 45 minutes to an hour to decide if the gummy’s effects are felt at the right level. If not, feel free to take the other half. Most users should not have to take more than one full gummy, but as always, every body is different, so each person will have to experience what’s right for them.”

Jars retail for $49 and are available for purchase both in person at Kind Oasis and on their website. Kind Oasis will also be selling the gummies at our High Score “4/20 Market” at X-Ray Arcade on Saturday, April 20. If you need to chill out while watching crucial games or you just want to feel good in general, support Milwaukee Record and help yourself to a jar of 69 mg gummies. Bucks in 69!

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