Is there anything more sublime, more delicious, more Wisconsin than a Brandy Old Fashioned? Probably not. The drink of choice for craft cocktail enthusiasts and sheepshead-playing grandparents alike, the Brandy Old Fashioned can be found at almost any local bar (or outdoor winter block party). Now, a start-up cocktail company is making it even easier for Wisconsinites to guzzle down their unofficial state drink.

SoulBoxer Cocktail Co.—a new independent venture from Great Lakes Distillery veterans Doug MacKenzie and Jason Neu—recently debuted its ready-to-drink SoulBoxer Brandy Old Fashioned. According to a press release, the barrel-aged cocktail is “premium California brandy flavored with Door County cherries and real oranges, and blended with Angostura bitters and pure cane sugar to create a fresh take on an iconic Wisconsin classic.” Wirtz Beverage Wisconsin is serving as the exclusive Wisconsin distributor, and the drink can be found at retailers statewide.

What’s more, the cocktail is SoulBoxer’s first in a planned series of ready-to-drink creations. “SoulBoxer intends to change the way consumers enjoy craft cocktails,” says MacKenzie in a press release. Anything that shaves crucial seconds from a drink’s prep time sounds good to us. Getting schneider in sheepshead takes long enough already.

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