Tonight at the Cactus Club, some of the city’s best hip-hop artists, both old and new, will perform for the fifth (and possibly last) installment of Milwaukee’s “Hip-Hop Hates” series. Past installments in the JC Poppe-organized event have brought the hate to causes like MS, breast cancer, and more. This time around, cancer is in the “Hip-Hop Hates” crosshairs, and all proceeds from the show will go to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin’s oncology department.

“This has been floating around in my head since AUTOMatic did the annual Pablove concert several years back,” Poppe says. “I’m a father, so you can probably understand my motivation, the understanding that there are fathers and mothers out there who have to watch their child suffer with cancer that they’ll never be free from. […] ‘HHH’ never raises a ton of money, just hundreds of dollars, but I want to do my part and do it in a way that also puts a positive spotlight on Milwaukee hip-hop and the community of hip-hop in Milwaukee.”

SAFS Crew, Klassik, AUTOMatic, and Pharaoh Mac & DMT will perform. DJ Andrew *Optimist* will serve as the event’s DJ, while Jank One and Poppe will serve as hosts. There’s a $5 cover charge, though larger donations are encouraged. Before the positive hate flows tonight at 9 p.m., listen to a “Hip-Hop Hates Cancer” mixtape below.