As you probably already know, the Republican National Convention will be held in Milwaukee July 15-18. It’ll be something. Also, as you’ve probably already seen on social media, at least one Milwaukee bar wants no part of it.

On Wednesday, Ricky Ramirez, the owner of Bay View bar The Mothership (2301 S. Logan Ave.), posted a message to social media voicing his intention to close his bar’s doors during the RNC. Here’s the full (and very on-brand, if you know The Mothership) message:

Sup idiots we haven’t lost a lot of followers in a while so here we go…as everything gets amplified with like the RNC shitshow coming to town lmao I would like to formally state that we’re shutting bar down during the week of because fuck that noise I’m not trying to get involved with or actively take money or rent the space out to that tomfoolery HOWEVER if anyone wants bar for private event wedding reception wet tshirt contest idk whatever private people wanna party about do hit up our dms for free to dirt cheap prices we’ll fucking do anything for money except be a part of THAT shit show lmao anyway for today I am become bartender maker of party for happy hour and sexy ass Sam is shutting er down CUM ON DOWN

We reached out to Ramirez for some further clarification. Here’s what he told us:

Idk I guess I don’t want people on either side to push us as doing this for Biden or anything. We definitely feel disdain for both parties and if it were the DNC in town we would probably do the same thing (especially with what Biden is allowing to happen in Gaza). Also politics and alcohol don’t mix which is a rule in every bar. Would rather not be around for it.

So there you go. No politics at The Mothership. Or Bar Rescue. Or, as always, baseball.

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