We have some bad news and some good news for you, reader. We’ll start with the bad. After almost five years in business, Damascus Gate Restaurant has officially closed. The Middle Eastern establishment—which was opened by Syrian refugees in early 2019—quietly ended its operations last fall, giving an unfortunate end to an uplifting story and leaving Historic Mitchell Street with one fewer place to procure exceptional eats. It will be truly missed.

Damascus Gate. Photo by Milwaukee Record.

As you mourn the unceremonious end of that business, we’ll offer you a bit of good news. Damascus Gate’s former location, 807 W. Historic Mitchell St., is now home to another restaurant. In January, La Ventanita opened to the public. The new concept, which translates to “the small window” in English, specializes in “authentic Puerto Rican cuisine.” The business (also referred to as “La Ventanita de Abraham”) is owned and managed by Abraham Torres.

We’ve had no luck finding a website or any social media accounts specifically tied to the restaurant, but we stopped by Wednesday afternoon and checked out the menu that features a wide variety of empanadillas and sandwich options.

We’ve also seen mention of the restaurant serving chicken wings, roasted chicken on skewers, fries, fruit punch, and yuca preparations on Torres’ Facebook page. Stay tuned for a possible First Impression article from us. Otherwise, you can reach La Ventanita at 414-810-3561 or by stopping by in person for dine-in or takeout service during its hours of operation (currently 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily).

Damascus Gate will be missed, but we’re hoping La Ventanita will be the window to excellent Puerto Rican food on Historic Mitchell St.

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