We’re not sure how we missed this, but the big “FOR LEASE” sign in the window ain’t lying: longtime Walker’s Point soup hotspot Soup Bros. (209 W. Florida St.) is permanently closed. The friendly folks around the corner at Soup Bros.’ sister restaurant, Boo-Boo’s Sandwich Shop, tell us it’s been closed for a few weeks. Why? Staffing struggles, we were told, and the desire to “go out on a high note.”

Richard Regner opened Soup Bros. in the Walker’s Point neighborhood in 1999. “Walker’s Point has become Milwaukee’s food mecca,” Regner told OnMilwaukee in 2012. Ten years later, he’s more right than ever.

Happily, Boo-Boo’s still carries two Soup Bros. staples: Red Pepper Bisque and Bermuda Cheddar & Onion. Get them with a K-Jon Chicken Sandwich for best results. [h/t Adam McCalvy]

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