Last month, Milwaukee Record (a proud event sponsor) announced the existence of Cream City Comedy Festival. Founded by up-and-coming Chicago comics, Milwaukee comedy scene expats Sammy Arechar and Liz Ziner, as well as Vermont transplant Phil Davidson, the inaugural entertainment undertaking will bring more than 60 of the Midwest’s funniest independent comedians to nine venues in four neighborhoods for 11 shows between Thursday, May 12 and Sunday, May 15. Better yet, every show is absolutely FREE. Should the generous spirit strike you during any of the shows, your donation will support NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness). Awesome.

While this new festival is a must-attend on sheer concept alone, the lineup for the weekend’s 11 showcases has remained a mystery until now. Without further ado, here’s the complete Cream City Comedy Festival lineup.


Yeah Buddy Awesome Time: Festival Kickoff at Club Garibaldi (8 p.m.)
Derek Smith
Ryan Holman
Mike Knish
Liz Ziner
Sammy Arechar
Mike Berg
Jason Melton
Joe McMahon
Cleveland Anderson
Dave Losso (host)


Blipsters at Karma Bar & Grill (7:30 p.m.)
Chastity Washington
Krains Butter
Gary Zajackowski
Felonious Munk
Ton Johnson
Jason Hillman
Dave Helem (host)

Hot Room at Angelo’s Piano Bar (9 p.m)
Kyle Gagnon
Josh Ballew
Bekkah Cosgrove
Charlie Kojis
J.J. Harris
David Louis
Christopher Schmidt (host)
Phil Davidson (host)

Boy Kisses at Hybrid Lounge (10:30 p.m)
Rebecca O’Neal
Shannon Noll
Jason Melton
Joe Murphy
Adam Weidman
Drew Janda
Turner Barrowman


Bad Comedy Theatre at Hybrid Lounge (3 p.m.)
Lara Beitz
Jamie Carbone
Chris Schmidt
Kit Rivers
Drew Janda
Tyler Menz
Phil Davidson (host)

Subjective at Var Gallery & Studios (6 p.m.)
Jordan Holmes
Matt Werner
Andy Bolton
Adam Loeding
Andrea Guzzetta
Kaitlin McCarthy (host)

Clam Jam at The Jazz Gallery (8 p.m.)
Cameron Gillette
Nate Seek
Erin Grotheer
Blake Burkhart
Lara Beitz
Liz Ziner (host)
Allison Dunne (host)

Sammy’s 3rd Annual Zucchini Party at Company Brewing (10 p.m.)
No comedy. Music from The Other Shapes and Seven Costanza with a Yung Zucchini DJ set at midnight.


Sorry Not Sorry at Riverwest Public House (2 p.m.)
Secret Headliner
Matty Field
Dana Ehrmann
Patrick Tomlinson
Alecia Altstaetter
Ramie Makhlouf
Addie Blanchard (host)
Marisa Lange (host)

Super Talent Show at Cactus Club (4 p.m.)
Ryan Lowe
Greg Bach
Erik Koconis
Sarah Squirm
Blake Burkhart
Steve King
Nicky Martin (host)

Closing Ceremony at Club Garibaldi (8 p.m.)
Nick Vatterott
Alex Kumin
Liz Ziner
Mike O’Keefe
Ryan Mason (host)


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